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To better manage the multitude of tutorials and have control over them, you can use the table below. Download and save it to your PC, and then use the information in it, including the links to each tutorial.


Note: You must have installed on your PC or Tablet/Cell phone the application Microsoft Office (not free) / Polaris (free) to open files with extensions .xls or .xlsx

Special is the file THREAD for Pipes - Original Inventor 2021.xlsx

Download this file from below and find the external and internal diameters to be threaded.
If you want to use Windows File Explorer to find your file in your installed Inventor package, then copy the next path, and then change 2021 with the appropriate number of your Inventor version: 

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 2021\Design Data\XLS\en-US

For the metric internal diameters to be threaded you have to download the file Metric Tap Size Chart (Internal).xlsx from below.

Prof. univ. Emerit Dr. ing. Constantin STANCESCU

E-mail: constantin.stancescu@gmail.com


THREAD for Pipes - Original Inventor 2021.xlsx

Metric Tap Size Chart (Internal).xlsx


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